Content Management


Freckle designed and scoped a good looking, straight to the point information website that allowed users to get information about the product and learn where to buy it. The site uses 3 templates of varying complexity, which are loaded up into the content management system, Baked Simple. Baked Simple isn’t sizeist, it can handle any amount of fields in any template. The product page on this one had fields for description, image, also available products and instructions.

The pharmacy locator takes the postcode of the user and plots the 5 nearest pharmacies on a map for the user to see. The technology behind this maps each pharmacy address to latitude and longitudes, maps the postcodes main latitude and longitude and then uses some advanced mathematical calculations to calculate the distance (it’s not as simple as trigonometry, although it would of been before this was proven wrong). This means that even if you hard pharmacies in a different locale (a lot of store locators match a postcode to a locale and then simply return all stores in that locale), state or country the closest 5 will always be returned.

Protect Our Coral Sea

Designed to raise awareness about the dangers that Australia’s coral sea is facing. The site’s design is visually stunning and I faced real problems getting the transparent PNG’s to work correctly in IE6. After discussing it with the client, they agreed to degrade gracefully for IE6 and have a less visually stunning design and urged the visitor to upgrade their browser.

The site runs off the same Content Management System as Without Surgery, Skills Connect. The CMS allows the updating of videos, images, menus and more. They can even update the location of the coral see on the Google map (even though I don’t think it’s going anywhere sometime soon). The site also utilises caching to provide maximum performance when under heavy load, especially when the television commercial comes in late September.

In addition, the site is also integrated with Campaign Monitor.

Skills Connect

Employment Management Systems went under a rebranding process with Topia and as a result a new name and hence a new website was to be born. The specifications of the site were a stock standard content managed site with a contact form. Following the success of content management within Without Surgery, Skills Connect is the second website to be launched with Baked Simple (bundled with EAV) and it was launched only a week later.

Without Surgery

Without Surgery is the biggest showcase of the open source tools I have released. It uses Advindex to manage, import and export the contact enquiries, competition entries, clinics and voucher purchases. Uniform is the engine used to generate all the forms. Baked Simple manages the content across the site (which in turn uses EAV). Reports generates the statistics used to monitor competition entries and voucher purchases. Settings is used for misc settings such as where the contact form will be sent to. Payments is used to execute the transactions to purchase vouchers. The Campaign Monitor behavior attaches itself to contact enquiries, competition entries, voucher purchases and subscriptions so synchronise the database on both systems. And finally Store Finder locates the nearest retailer, which is seamlessly integrated when purchasing a voucher.

To top it off I wrote the functional specifications and it also integrates with a forum platform called Vanilla.

Luscious International

When I first joined Topia, Luscious was supposed to be a finished website and on top of that we still needed to build a client room which they could privately interact with their clients. After finishing the website with way too many rounds of changes, I knew we needed to do the client room right. So I met with Luscious to work out exactly what they wanted from a client room and wrote a specification that we could both agree on. The specificaton was signed off and I began to work on the build, the end result was a website that was both in our minds eye and everybody was happy.

The client room features cascading permissions allowing fine grained control on what clients could do (read, upload, download, preview, mark favourites) etc from a top level folder right down to individual files.

Axiom Mining

Axiom Mining recently did a redevelopment of their site, and they were happy with it. The only problem was that they couldn’t use the CMS they were provided, not even their IT guy could use it! We ran into each other on the elevator and I explained what it is that we do and the next week we were implementing their site inside CMS Made Simple. They were over the moon with the solution we provided, the IT guy fell in love and even started creating his own forms to collect data off the site.

Mining Associates

After the success of Axiom Mining, word spread to Mining Associates about the solution we provided them. Straight away they wanted to sign up, except this time we had to come up with a design as well. We developed the entire solution from contact over the phone and they couldn’t of been

Eskimo Design

Taking concept to reality is somethng I can do. Studio Emotion provided a series of PDF’s describing how the site should look and how the site should animate. First the flash files were created and approved by Studio Emotion and Eskimo Design, then we took the flash and integrated with CMS Made Simple.

Con Poulos Photography

Similar to from something I do alot, Studio Emotion needed to enable content management on an interactive flash website. Gradually each section of the site was added to the CMS so Giles Tribe could manage their website themselves.

Giles Tribe

Studio Emotion presented me with an almost complete flash website, that I had to finish off. The content had to be editable and the entire portfolio section had to be written. The content management system was implemented and integrated into the website. The site features an updated showcase of their latest work and they don’t have to pay anyone to update their stuff.

Radar Communications

Radar needed a fully interactive website . Studio Emotion developed a fantastic full screen in flash. The only problem was that Radar needed to update it often, which can be a problem in flash. I implemented a content management system that inserted pictures and text into almost all areas of the site so Radar could change content – without paying someone else

Springboard & Global Burgers

First off, Springboard needed an internal communication tool for all employees, with access restrictions to certain content. They needed the ability to add, edit and delete users as well as control what they had access to. My solution was to provide a customised content management system that did just that. They were so impressed that they wanted the exact same system for their Global Burgers company as well.[/description]

  • Client: Studio Emotion

Golf Rewards

On Total Reward’s entrance in to the golf industry, they needed a website where people could see benefits of their membership, as well as have the ability to sign up online. One of the benefits was content, and a lot of it. The solution was custom development combined with my proven content management system.

Why Should I

Studio Emotion’s client needed the ability to edit the content on their website and it was currently only done in HTML. I was able to convert the site so that every aspect could be content managed. The site features a complicated coloured hierarchical menu.

Luxe Studios

Luxe had one goal for their website and that was to impress. Under the creative guidance from Carbon8, a smooth, slick and sexy flash website was made to showcase their luxurious studios

Southside Marine Sales

Custom web development which involved an online boats for sale directory. Users can perform searches and submit queries on individual boats. They now receive dozens of requests weekly. Word of mouth of the outstanding service spread quickly, leading to the development of Blakehurst Slipway by WAWW.

Blakehurst Slipway

After hearing about the success of the Southside Marine Sales website, Blakehurst Slipway was convinced they found the right person to build them a website, and they needed it within 2 weeks. On top of that, they wanted to be able to edit the content themselves. The design was done in the first week and a CMS was implemented in the next. It also includes site wide search functionality.

Wake Up!

WakeUp! was the kick off project to my professional web career. I had to cut up a design, make some PHP includes and launch the site. I even had to do a contact form and a booking form which would send emails to the WakeUp! staff. It looks like the site has now been replaced with an updated version, however the UK one seems to have maintained a bit of it.


Reebok was the site that launched me onto the flash and actionscript path, especially on the remoting road. Reebok wanted a full shop catalogue inside flash including a whole range of promotions and other features. The shop catalogue got complicated with different sizes and colours and then different pictures for every combination of options. The 4mation shop could currently handle this but getting this into an interactive flash website was another story. The challenge was huge and I got the job done and you should see me now.

Injury Update

John at Injury Update was a cluey bloke and he managed to chew out some code which would keep his site updated, but when it got too complex he would pass the ball on to 4mation. Because of the “self updating” the site was looking pretty ugly and the site needed a serious refresh. 4mation got it designed and I gave the site a complete redevelopment from scratch, making sure all the content got through – and any dead links would come back to life.
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Independent Reflections

Flash, flash, flash! It has to be flash! Oh, and we want to be able to update the content of the site as well. These are two features that don’t often go hand in hand, but it had to be done. I was handed the flash file from the designer (I needed to fix up a few action scripty things at this stage) and then I had to integrate it with the 4mation CMS. The end result was that we could have a flash cake and update it too!
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