Protect Our Coral Sea

Designed to raise awareness about the dangers that Australia’s coral sea is facing. The site’s design is visually stunning and I faced real problems getting the transparent PNG’s to work correctly in IE6. After discussing it with the client, they agreed to degrade gracefully for IE6 and have a less visually stunning design and urged the visitor to upgrade their browser.

The site runs off the same Content Management System as Without Surgery, Skills Connect. The CMS allows the updating of videos, images, menus and more. They can even update the location of the coral see on the Google map (even though I don’t think it’s going anywhere sometime soon). The site also utilises caching to provide maximum performance when under heavy load, especially when the television commercial comes in late September.

In addition, the site is also integrated with Campaign Monitor.


Without Surgery

Without Surgery is the biggest showcase of the open source tools I have released. It uses Advindex to manage, import and export the contact enquiries, competition entries, clinics and voucher purchases. Uniform is the engine used to generate all the forms. Baked Simple manages the content across the site (which in turn uses EAV). Reports generates the statistics used to monitor competition entries and voucher purchases. Settings is used for misc settings such as where the contact form will be sent to. Payments is used to execute the transactions to purchase vouchers. The Campaign Monitor behavior attaches itself to contact enquiries, competition entries, voucher purchases and subscriptions so synchronise the database on both systems. And finally Store Finder locates the nearest retailer, which is seamlessly integrated when purchasing a voucher.

To top it off I wrote the functional specifications and it also integrates with a forum platform called Vanilla.



Abbeys was implementing a new online shop on the Elastic Path platform. My job at Topia was to be able to combine the books available from their POS, Nielsen and Baker & Taylor into an import file that could be read by Elastic Path. The final combination of books had to meet a multitude of intertwined business and tax rules. After several day long scoping meetings and revisions of the specifications we reached an agreement on what the system would do. Another developer at Topia built the system and it all went accordingly to plan. With our side of the project done we are now waiting on Elastic Path to be launched.

Luscious International

When I first joined Topia, Luscious was supposed to be a finished website and on top of that we still needed to build a client room which they could privately interact with their clients. After finishing the website with way too many rounds of changes, I knew we needed to do the client room right. So I met with Luscious to work out exactly what they wanted from a client room and wrote a specification that we could both agree on. The specificaton was signed off and I began to work on the build, the end result was a website that was both in our minds eye and everybody was happy.

The client room features cascading permissions allowing fine grained control on what clients could do (read, upload, download, preview, mark favourites) etc from a top level folder right down to individual files.


Axiom Mining

Axiom Mining recently did a redevelopment of their site, and they were happy with it. The only problem was that they couldn’t use the CMS they were provided, not even their IT guy could use it! We ran into each other on the elevator and I explained what it is that we do and the next week we were implementing their site inside CMS Made Simple. They were over the moon with the solution we provided, the IT guy fell in love and even started creating his own forms to collect data off the site.


Mining Associates

After the success of Axiom Mining, word spread to Mining Associates about the solution we provided them. Straight away they wanted to sign up, except this time we had to come up with a design as well. We developed the entire solution from contact over the phone and they couldn’t of been


Our Tribute

Fresh out of the think tank of Novanate, we realised there was no way to remember loved ones in this new digital age. We meeted several times and specced out a website that would be easy to use and also respectful. The website is acting an online wall where users can remember loved ones from anywhere in the world.


Wild Animus

Rich Shapero had a book and he wanted to promote sales. The flash site was developed to showcase his creative work and he wanted to allow his customers to be creative as well. The site featured a “create your own animus” which allows users to:

  • Choose a background
  • Load pictures and rotate, tint and scale them
  • Choose a music theme
  • Submit their design and share it with friends


FiFi is an online fashion magazine. After looking into the requirements of the site, it was determined that WordPress (rather than CakePHP) would be suitable for this project. A custom theme was developed and WordPress was modified in places to meet the business requirements. The sites members are automatically integrated with the subscriber list at Campaign Monitor. The admin area also generates URL’s which spit out HTML that are imported to send out the newsletters, weekly from Campaign Monitor.



CardLuv was about to embark on a web 2.0 application that would be used by hundreds of thousands of people. It had two requirements – to be reliable and scalable. Experience was crucial here, the design was inspired from an open source solution that had already proven reliable at a similar scale.



After starting at the gym, a friend and I were not satisfied in using a paper based system to record our progress. So, we set out to develop a web 2.0 application that would help us. We teamed up with Novanate and produced an innovative app used by thousands of people. We also received a web 2.0 award by SEOMoz in the Sports category. The website features a blog that uses a customised WordPress theme.

Southside Marine Sales

Custom web development which involved an online boats for sale directory. Users can perform searches and submit queries on individual boats. They now receive dozens of requests weekly. Word of mouth of the outstanding service spread quickly, leading to the development of Blakehurst Slipway by WAWW.


Little Black Book

An online dating site that had it’s own custom built system and it was working well. However, the site was getting stale and it needed to be freshened up. We implemented a number of upgrades including a full fledged matching system. After a speed dating event, the attendees would log into the system and indicate who they would like to see again. If any two attendees checked each other an email would automatically be sent with each other’s contact details.


Injury Update

John at Injury Update was a cluey bloke and he managed to chew out some code which would keep his site updated, but when it got too complex he would pass the ball on to 4mation. Because of the “self updating” the site was looking pretty ugly and the site needed a serious refresh. 4mation got it designed and I gave the site a complete redevelopment from scratch, making sure all the content got through – and any dead links would come back to life.
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