Brand New Wonderful

Brand New Wonderful is a website, not a blog but was built using WordPress for its increasing CMS capabilities. After a lengthy process with their developer, the site was finished and they were disgruntled, but their site was completed. They could begin their business, but then they started receiving reports of their site not working and they weren’t sure why. I immediately went to open up Internet Explorer 6 and explained how it was the bain of any developer’s existence.

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Conquest of Bread

Conquest of Bread is the official blog of the online portfolio community website, www.designivist.com. Designivist and its blog was designed by Little Miss Nobody and since I knew both it made sense for me to build a custom wordpress theme based off Little Miss Nobody’s design. The theme is completely widget ready and they can change almost every aspect without touching the code.


Saturday Studio

The ever increasing trend with small scale websites is to create a blog, and the best blogging platform out there is by far WordPress. The functionality of WordPress is increasingly flexible it is even being used just for normal content management. Saturday Studio told Elliot Routledge they wanted a blog to showcase their work, Elliot designed and passed development on to me. After a few rounds of changes the site was launched and they are blogging regularly.



Another website on the every popular platform WordPress. This site would feature both a blogging section and also a normal pages section. The design was created by Elliot Routledge and I turned it into a fully working WordPress theme. Easy.



FiFi is an online fashion magazine. After looking into the requirements of the site, it was determined that WordPress (rather than CakePHP) would be suitable for this project. A custom theme was developed and WordPress was modified in places to meet the business requirements. The sites members are automatically integrated with the subscriber list at Campaign Monitor. The admin area also generates URL’s which spit out HTML that are imported to send out the newsletters, weekly from Campaign Monitor.



After starting at the gym, a friend and I were not satisfied in using a paper based system to record our progress. So, we set out to develop a web 2.0 application that would help us. We teamed up with Novanate and produced an innovative app used by thousands of people. We also received a web 2.0 award by SEOMoz in the Sports category. The website features a blog that uses a customised WordPress theme.

Radar Communications Blog

Radar Communications needed a blog in addition to their showcase website. The blog allows them to post regular updates which people can subscribe to via RSS