Freckle designed and scoped a good looking, straight to the point information website that allowed users to get information about the product and learn where to buy it. The site uses 3 templates of varying complexity, which are loaded up into the content management system, Baked Simple. Baked Simple isn’t sizeist, it can handle any amount of fields in any template. The product page on this one had fields for description, image, also available products and instructions.

The pharmacy locator takes the postcode of the user and plots the 5 nearest pharmacies on a map for the user to see. The technology behind this maps each pharmacy address to latitude and longitudes, maps the postcodes main latitude and longitude and then uses some advanced mathematical calculations to calculate the distance (it’s not as simple as trigonometry, although it would of been before this was proven wrong). This means that even if you hard pharmacies in a different locale (a lot of store locators match a postcode to a locale and then simply return all stores in that locale), state or country the closest 5 will always be returned.

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