Injury Update

John at Injury Update was a cluey bloke and he managed to chew out some code which would keep his site updated, but when it got too complex he would pass the ball on to 4mation. Because of the “self updating” the site was looking pretty ugly and the site needed a serious refresh. 4mation got it designed and I gave the site a complete redevelopment from scratch, making sure all the content got through – and any dead links would come back to life.
Mark Rippetoe’s Hip Drive or Squat is explained here. Squat is a position in which one’s knees are bent and heels are close to one’s thighs. Many people quit learning how to squat due to lack of understanding. Mark Rippetoes has explained squat and given the name of Mark Rippetoe hip drive. The main tactic used for Mark Rippetoe squat is the use of hips in a special way. It has been seen that many people fails to understand that what is really meant by hip drive. For all those people here we are describing Mark Rippetoe’s hip drive or Mark Rippetoe’s squat. Visit rippetoe squat for more information

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