Luscious International

When I first joined Topia, Luscious was supposed to be a finished website and on top of that we still needed to build a client room which they could privately interact with their clients. After finishing the website with way too many rounds of changes, I knew we needed to do the client room right. So I met with Luscious to work out exactly what they wanted from a client room and wrote a specification that we could both agree on. The specificaton was signed off and I began to work on the build, the end result was a website that was both in our minds eye and everybody was happy.

The client room features cascading permissions allowing fine grained control on what clients could do (read, upload, download, preview, mark favourites) etc from a top level folder right down to individual files.


Cockroach vs Canetoad Game

In 2008, Centrebet wanted to promote memberships surrounding the time of the state of origin. Its common to give QLD the nickname Canetoad and NSW Cockroach so we took it literally and made a football flash game. The user is given the option to choose a side and then must make it to the other end of the field picking up tokens before the 5th tackle. The game development involves the papervision 3d engine and some simple AI which will begin an attack if the player is close to an enemy player.