Specialty Fashion Group

When I first heard about Specialty Fashion Group it sounded easy. All they wanted to do was have a simple CMS so they could update certain parts of their site. Then I found out it was coded in ASP, which isn’t my programming language of choice. However I agreed to give it ago and I was able to use the local file structure to achieve CMS functionality which didn’t involve them having to redevelop their site OR upgrade their hosting package.


Klenall had an existing onling catalogue where there range of customers could logon and order supplies. An existing platform was being used by the website that was, the dreaded ASP. They needed some upgrades to make the site easier to use for their customers, and the site, being ASP was handed to me. I had to delve through the hundreds of files and thousands of lines of code to work things out and then finally took baby steps to achieve upgrades.


Destiny wanted a small upgrade to their website and enlisted 4mation to get the job done. Trouble was that no one at 4maiton knew ASP.NET! The job was passed to me and somehow I managed to get this form displaying, validating and sending.