campaign monitor

Without Surgery

Without Surgery is the biggest showcase of the open source tools I have released. It uses Advindex to manage, import and export the contact enquiries, competition entries, clinics and voucher purchases. Uniform is the engine used to generate all the forms. Baked Simple manages the content across the site (which in turn uses EAV). Reports generates the statistics used to monitor competition entries and voucher purchases. Settings is used for misc settings such as where the contact form will be sent to. Payments is used to execute the transactions to purchase vouchers. The Campaign Monitor behavior attaches itself to contact enquiries, competition entries, voucher purchases and subscriptions so synchronise the database on both systems. And finally Store Finder locates the nearest retailer, which is seamlessly integrated when purchasing a voucher.

To top it off I wrote the functional specifications and it also integrates with a forum platform called Vanilla.


FiFi is an online fashion magazine. After looking into the requirements of the site, it was determined that WordPress (rather than CakePHP) would be suitable for this project. A custom theme was developed and WordPress was modified in places to meet the business requirements. The sites members are automatically integrated with the subscriber list at Campaign Monitor. The admin area also generates URL’s which spit out HTML that are imported to send out the newsletters, weekly from Campaign Monitor.