cms made simple

Axiom Mining

Axiom Mining recently did a redevelopment of their site, and they were happy with it. The only problem was that they couldn’t use the CMS they were provided, not even their IT guy could use it! We ran into each other on the elevator and I explained what it is that we do and the next week we were implementing their site inside CMS Made Simple. They were over the moon with the solution we provided, the IT guy fell in love and even started creating his own forms to collect data off the site.

Mining Associates

After the success of Axiom Mining, word spread to Mining Associates about the solution we provided them. Straight away they wanted to sign up, except this time we had to come up with a design as well. We developed the entire solution from contact over the phone and they couldn’t of been

Eskimo Design

Taking concept to reality is somethng I can do. Studio Emotion provided a series of PDF’s describing how the site should look and how the site should animate. First the flash files were created and approved by Studio Emotion and Eskimo Design, then we took the flash and integrated with CMS Made Simple.

Con Poulos Photography

Similar to from something I do alot, Studio Emotion needed to enable content management on an interactive flash website. Gradually each section of the site was added to the CMS so Giles Tribe could manage their website themselves.

Golf Rewards

On Total Reward’s entrance in to the golf industry, they needed a website where people could see benefits of their membership, as well as have the ability to sign up online. One of the benefits was content, and a lot of it. The solution was custom development combined with my proven content management system.

Why Should I

Studio Emotion’s client needed the ability to edit the content on their website and it was currently only done in HTML. I was able to convert the site so that every aspect could be content managed. The site features a complicated coloured hierarchical menu.