Where is Weave 0.2????

For those of you not in the recent know! Google has ceased it’s development of the EXTREMELY useful Google Browser Sync for Firefox. Which is sadly incompatible with the latest version of Firefox, Firefox 3. I could no longer have a seamless browsing experience between home and work, my life was in shatters.

In true Firefox styles…

Our Firefox at work, hallowed be your name, your bookmarks and passwords, your settings be saved at work as it is in home.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about type “about:mozilla” in your Firefox 3 address bar).

My world was saved a few days later when I discovered the Mozilla made Weave. I tried Weave before and wasn’t too impressed with the way it worked. It was a 0.1 release after all. Maybe I was biased because Google Browser Sync was soo good. However, now I was forced to install Weave again and it has seemed to be far more stable than my last attempt. I especially like the idea how there can be a web interface for all your bookmarks.

I use a PC at work and come home to my shiny Mac Book Pro at night, which I hear is common place nowadays. Weave on my Mac seems to hang itself every 5 minutes and the smooth rotating icon in my Firefox status bar slows down to about 5 pixels every second.

So, as the title states. Where is Weave 0.2? The latest update from Mozilla suggests…

Update: We expect this major update to Weave to be available for wider testing and feedback by Friday, June 20th.

At time of writing is June 26th. I’m wondering, as are others where is Weave 0.2??

In the final moments of this article, I discovered this article from Mozilla. I hope to see it tomorrow, or if not Monday. That gives the Mozilla guys a weekend!