Luscious International

When I first joined Topia, Luscious was supposed to be a finished website and on top of that we still needed to build a client room which they could privately interact with their clients. After finishing the website with way too many rounds of changes, I knew we needed to do the client room right. So I met with Luscious to work out exactly what they wanted from a client room and wrote a specification that we could both agree on. The specificaton was signed off and I began to work on the build, the end result was a website that was both in our minds eye and everybody was happy.

The client room features cascading permissions allowing fine grained control on what clients could do (read, upload, download, preview, mark favourites) etc from a top level folder right down to individual files.


Wild Animus

Rich Shapero had a book and he wanted to promote sales. The flash site was developed to showcase his creative work and he wanted to allow his customers to be creative as well. The site featured a “create your own animus” which allows users to:

  • Choose a background
  • Load pictures and rotate, tint and scale them
  • Choose a music theme
  • Submit their design and share it with friends

Eskimo Design

Taking concept to reality is somethng I can do. Studio Emotion provided a series of PDF’s describing how the site should look and how the site should animate. First the flash files were created and approved by Studio Emotion and Eskimo Design, then we took the flash and integrated with CMS Made Simple.


Con Poulos Photography

Similar to from something I do alot, Studio Emotion needed to enable content management on an interactive flash website. Gradually each section of the site was added to the CMS so Giles Tribe could manage their website themselves.


Golf Rewards

On Total Reward’s entrance in to the golf industry, they needed a website where people could see benefits of their membership, as well as have the ability to sign up online. One of the benefits was content, and a lot of it. The solution was custom development combined with my proven content management system.


Dosh Online Shop

Dosh wanted to upgrade their online store to be more interactive. Studio Emotion produced the interactive flash and then I integrated the site to accept credit card payments online and provide basic e-commerce functionality


Flash Mailto Link Not Working

I was dumb founded dismorning when the “send to friend” link in my flash file wasn’t working, in any browser. If I loaded that SWF file directly in the browser, it worked perfectly.

I did some investigating around the Internet and couldn’t find any reason why it shouldn’t be working. I began thinking what was different about this SWF file which would cause it not to work.

Then it hit me…

You need to assign the allowScriptAccess parameter to “always” if the SWF file is loaded from another domain for mailto links to work.

ExternalInterface.addCallback – Object doesn’t support property or method

If your facing some EXTREMELY frustating JavaScript mesages in IE when trying to a utilise a call method from javascript into action script, maybe I can help. I’ve just spent 4 hours tearing my hair out about this problem and finally got it solved. It was so frustrating and all google searches were returning lots of unrelated information with alot of fixes but no ultimate solution (for my problem anyway).

So, to make sure that IE can use ExternalInterface:

  • To get a reference to the flash movie, it shouldn’t be inside a form. If it must, in the case of .NET or Qcodo, use the solutions found at http://www.adobe.com/go/kb400730 OR use the swfobject.getObjectById function to get a reference.
  • Update to the latest version of SWFObject (at time of writing this is 2.1) to place the flash in your page.
  • The flash file must be visible on the page

I’ve placed the last point in bold as nowhere on the web was this a documented fix. I assume Internet Explorer might think this is “security” feature. I was displaying a modal window on top of the flash, which hid the flash from view as the flash can appear ontop of the modal window if the wmode parameter isn’t set to transparent.

The modal window needed to interact with the flash file, but couldn’t in IE because it was hidden.

Ben Sherman

Similar to the Lacoste project, Ben Sherman Australia wanted a copy of their international site that they could update easily and instantly. The advantage with Lacoste was that we got the source files, Ben Sherman’s international creative agency refused to share these, which is completely understandable but it made my job hard. I had to completely copy their flash site from scratch (NOT an easy task)
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Independent Reflections

Flash, flash, flash! It has to be flash! Oh, and we want to be able to update the content of the site as well. These are two features that don’t often go hand in hand, but it had to be done. I was handed the flash file from the designer (I needed to fix up a few action scripty things at this stage) and then I had to integrate it with the 4mation CMS. The end result was that we could have a flash cake and update it too!
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