Salmon Ski Game

It’s one thing to have a competition to win a holiday to Canada, but it’s another to get a game to go with it. The game involved shooting a salmon at an angle which would ski down a slope and land in a bucket, being held by a bear (which would clearly eat the salmon, but this game had to be kid friendly). The speed and jump of the salmon is achieved by simulating a wheel rolling down a hill in a 2d physics engine. The speed the salmon is fired at will effect the height of the jump at the end. The coordinates reported by the engine are then mapped on to a 3d realm for enjoyment of the game.

Cockroach vs Canetoad Game

In 2008, Centrebet wanted to promote memberships surrounding the time of the state of origin. Its common to give QLD the nickname Canetoad and NSW Cockroach so we took it literally and made a football flash game. The user is given the option to choose a side and then must make it to the other end of the field picking up tokens before the 5th tackle. The game development involves the papervision 3d engine and some simple AI which will begin an attack if the player is close to an enemy player.

Zack & Miri Stick Porno Game

Village Roadshow wanted a method to promote their latest crude film to their target audience. What better way to make a porno game? The game involved the player having to repeatedly thrust the left and right keys and “blowing” in the “sweet spot” to advance to the next level. Points are awarded based on how quickly they finish each level.