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Protect Our Coral Sea

Designed to raise awareness about the dangers that Australia’s coral sea is facing. The site’s design is visually stunning and I faced real problems getting the transparent PNG’s to work correctly in IE6. After discussing it with the client, they agreed to degrade gracefully for IE6 and have a less visually stunning design and urged the visitor to upgrade their browser.

The site runs off the same Content Management System as Without Surgery, Skills Connect. The CMS allows the updating of videos, images, menus and more. They can even update the location of the coral see on the Google map (even though I don’t think it’s going anywhere sometime soon). The site also utilises caching to provide maximum performance when under heavy load, especially when the television commercial comes in late September.

In addition, the site is also integrated with Campaign Monitor.

Education knew that visual devices were the best tools to, well, educate! Displaying the addresses of schools didn’t really give the user an idea of where the school actually was. We looked at his database and decided that Google Maps could be used and we completed the upgrade for 1000+ addressses. It was soon discovered that google wasn’t providing the exact locations for the schools, I completed a further upgrade which allowed the admin user to use a google map as normal and then double click on the spot where the location should be – overriding the automatic process.