Brand New Wonderful

Brand New Wonderful is a website, not a blog but was built using WordPress for its increasing CMS capabilities. After a lengthy process with their developer, the site was finished and they were disgruntled, but their site was completed. They could begin their business, but then they started receiving reports of their site not working and they weren’t sure why. I immediately went to open up Internet Explorer 6 and explained how it was the bain of any developer’s existence.

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Funnel Productions

Now this site wasn’t actually developed by me, the Studio Emotion team did it. However the site had problems, mainly it wasn’t showing correctly in Internet Explorer 6. I fear that this is a problem that they (and every other developer) faced and could not figure out how to make the site completely cross browser compatible. Studio Emotion contacted me and after a bit of looking around and playing I got the thing working. My hate for Internet Explorer 6 grew..