ExternalInterface.addCallback – Object doesn’t support property or method

If your facing some EXTREMELY frustating JavaScript mesages in IE when trying to a utilise a call method from javascript into action script, maybe I can help. I’ve just spent 4 hours tearing my hair out about this problem and finally got it solved. It was so frustrating and all google searches were returning lots of unrelated information with alot of fixes but no ultimate solution (for my problem anyway).

So, to make sure that IE can use ExternalInterface:

  • To get a reference to the flash movie, it shouldn’t be inside a form. If it must, in the case of .NET or Qcodo, use the solutions found at OR use the swfobject.getObjectById function to get a reference.
  • Update to the latest version of SWFObject (at time of writing this is 2.1) to place the flash in your page.
  • The flash file must be visible on the page

I’ve placed the last point in bold as nowhere on the web was this a documented fix. I assume Internet Explorer might think this is “security” feature. I was displaying a modal window on top of the flash, which hid the flash from view as the flash can appear ontop of the modal window if the wmode parameter isn’t set to transparent.

The modal window needed to interact with the flash file, but couldn’t in IE because it was hidden.


Vectis, today would be a simple upgrade that a 1 month HTML developer could implement. They wanted a slider for four variables, which would alter a message displayed to the user. These were the days before Javascript Libraries were invented. I managed to find a half done script at or something like that and modify it achieve the functionality they needed. I feel like an old man when I talk about this project ;)
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Team Makita

The upgrades I did for the Team Makita website I hear are somewhat of a running joke at 4mation. Dubbed “tools js”, the upgrade allowed tradies to add their Makita products to their toolbox in order to claim points. Their were thousands of products which would make it hard to find the product to add, so I daisy chained drop down boxes so they could select their trade, which would filter the next drop down of categories, which would filter the next drop down of products which would filter to the next drop down of models and so on, this needed to happen without refreshing the page. I implemented some hooks in the 4mation shop which would dynamically generate a JS data file whenever a category or product was changed with all the tool data (what some might call JSON now).

A couple of months later another developer had to perform some maintenance on the project and I received word that the tools.js file was thousands of lines long. We all have to learn some how ;)