Almost every kid on the block wants to run their own online store and why wouldn’t you? Your tapping into an international market and thanks to open source software out there, you can get it done on the cheap. Paperartzi contacted me about setting up an online store with a limited budget but with also complicated requirements.

The job involved a front website which could be used as informational purposes and then also a shop which could accept payments online. Magento was used as the platform for the online store and a custom Magento theme was developed which would match the look & feel of the front website. The online store also integrates with Australia Post for delivery costs and PayPal for processing order payments.

The front website also integrates inside the Magento category structure and allows the front website to display categories from the shop, this provides multiple gateways into the shop to promote more

Conquest of Bread

Conquest of Bread is the official blog of the online portfolio community website, Designivist and its blog was designed by Little Miss Nobody and since I knew both it made sense for me to build a custom wordpress theme based off Little Miss Nobody’s design. The theme is completely widget ready and they can change almost every aspect without touching the code.

Saturday Studio

The ever increasing trend with small scale websites is to create a blog, and the best blogging platform out there is by far WordPress. The functionality of WordPress is increasingly flexible it is even being used just for normal content management. Saturday Studio told Elliot Routledge they wanted a blog to showcase their work, Elliot designed and passed development on to me. After a few rounds of changes the site was launched and they are blogging regularly.


Another website on the every popular platform WordPress. This site would feature both a blogging section and also a normal pages section. The design was created by Elliot Routledge and I turned it into a fully working WordPress theme. Easy.

Sakura Flowers

Sakura Flowers wanted to expand their retail business into a full featured online shop. I assisted them in getting it online by providing a full hosting package and knowledge of existing e-commerce solutions that could be customised to suit their brand and vision.